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Katiana Kay AI

Influencer Artificial Intelligence Model

Popular TikTok Influencer Katiana Kay has recently been added to the collection of AI models powered by Panion.Ai. With over 5.6 million TicTok followers as well as millions of followers on other platforms, Katiana is now the largest influencer to enter the world of artificial intelligence. 

Katiana launched her AI clone in May of 2023 and has since pulled some very impressive revenue figures with over 5000 signups to the beta launch on the first day.

The AI model of Katiana was trained on over 10,000 conversations between Katiana, her friends, and her romantic partners. So the model has the ability to have any kind of conversation you could possibly try and will sound and act just like Katiana.

Katiana Ai is still in its beta phase but the team at Panion is working hard to launch the full version which includes realistic voice chatting, a realistic 3D avatar, VR/AR capabilities, and much more. 

Make sure to join the Telegram group to apply to be a part of Katiana Ai beta launch today!

Katiana Ai Capabilities

Because of the vast array of data that Katiana Ai was trained on, she is capable of fully intelligent conversations, even with knowledge outside of what Katiana may know herself.

Katiana Ai has a memory of conversations you're having with her and is able to recall knowledge from previous conversations. When you ask her to remember certain things, refer to you as a particular nickname, or tell her what your pronouns or titles are, she will remember. 

Katiana Ai has an almost identical personality and interests as Katiana herself and if often used for roleplay related conversations. 

Join The Ai Revolution

If you are an influencer or celebrity looking to launch your own Ai companion, reach out to us and we will bring your vision to life with Panion Ai.


You have so much to benefit personally from being one of the first in the industry to join Ai, and the long-term monetization value of your personal brand with our platform is limitless.

Voice/Text responses

3D Interactible Avatar 

Augmented/Virtual Reality

And so much more in store...

Katiana Kay Ai Chatbot

Press Contact

Please reach our via or fill out our contact form with "Press" in the notes and someone from our team will be in contact with our media kit and answers to any of your questions. Thanks!

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